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Rectangle Pop-Up Banners

Sideline Banners, Coutside Banners, Twist & Fold Banners, Field Boards, Folding A-Frames, Golf Banners
  • Rectangle Field Board
  • Rectangle Field Board
  • Field Board
  • Rectangle Field Board
  • Rectangle Field Board
  • Rectangle Field Board
  • Rectangle Field Board
  • Rectangle Field Board

Our rectangle-shaped pop-up banners (also known as pop-out banners) look great whether they are set up at the courtside of a state championship or on the sidelines of Heinz field. Made of highly flexible fiberglass and flame-retardant polyester knitted fabric, they can be set up and taken down within 30 seconds. Each kit come with its own carry bag and galvanized pegs for outdoor use.

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Rectangle Field Board Rectangle Pop-Out Take Down

Key Features:

Each kit includes:

Available Sizes:

Rectangle Pop-UP Banner
3.93 FT x 2.62 FT
47.24" x 31.49"
(120cm x 80cm)
Rectangle Pop-UP Banner
4.92 FT x 2.46 FT
59.05" x 29.52"
(150cm x 75cm)
Rectangle Pop-UP Banner
6.56 FT x 3.28 FT
78.74" x 39.37"
(200cm x 100cm)
Rectangle Pop-UP Banner
5.90 FT x 3.77 FT
70.86" x 45.27"
(180cm x 115cm)
Rectangle Pop-UP Banner
8.20 FT x 3.28 FT
98.42" x 39.37"
(250cm x 100cm)

Optional Sand Bags

Sand Bags Sand Bags

These Cordura 19.68" x 4.72" x 2.75" (50cm x 12cm x 7cm) sandbags can be used to weigh down the a-frame pop-ups when they are set up on hard artificial surfaces such as astroturf, pavement, and concrete. Each can hold up to 5.51 lbs (2.5kg) of sand. They can be attached to the Velcro distancing straps in the interior of each banner, making for an elegant solution to securing them on hard surfaces on mildly windy days.